Epic’s New Game Truly is Epic, Fortnite Announced

They may call them the Video Game Awards, but they might as well call them the Video Game Announcements! Although it ruined the surprise, Epic announced a few days ago that they would be revealing a brand new IP at this year’s VGAs. As they put it, this new game will be “radically different” from the the Gears franchise, and they weren’t lying.

With the Gears trilogy now over, everyone has been wondering what Epic’s new franchise would be. Today at the VGAs, Epic showed off a brand new game, titled Fortnite. From the trailer, it looks like it will be a survival, zombie game. Now, that may not sound radically different from Gears, but the visuals are very cartoony.

PlayStation LifeStyle will bring you more details on the game as they are released.