New I Am Alive Trailer Explains the Rules for Survival

Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic survival title, I Am Alive, will be coming soon to digital download services such as PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Players will need to know the rules for surviving the world after the fallout of “The Event.” A new trailer released today explains exactly what the rules are and what players should be doing to stay alive.

First, the trailer advises “not to breath in the dust” and that finding a gas mask will be necessary to navigate dust-covered areas.

Second, players will need to find a map that they can carry with them, as navigating through the dust will prove to be difficult — sometimes, players won’t even be able to see in front of their own faces.

Third, players are advised to climb up and leave the dust cloud whenever they can, saying that fresh air will be beneficial. Exploring the area above the dust may result in players finding objects that they can use on their journey. Some items that are found won’t be able to be used by the player, but can be bartered with or given to people who need that particular object.

To watch the trailer, see below:

PSLS will keep you posted on any further updates for I Am Alive.