Dante Gets Warped to Secret Area In New Trailer for DmC

One recurring element of the Devil May Cry series is Dante discovering secret areas, which are different from normal areas in the game and may ask Dante to perform specific challenges or defeat specific enemies. The new trailer for DmC shows that Capcom and Ninja Theory are going to bring that back for the series’ newest installment.

In the trailer, Dante is transported to a broken world with floating platforms that he must jump across. He uses jumping, a mid-air dash move, and the chain seen before to draw enemies towards him in combat to aid him. Dante’s path is then sealed off and he’s ambushed by a number of enemies. He uses his sword (which seems to have a broad slash which works well for enemy crowd control), guns, and chain in combat. Dante bests his enemies in combat and his path is unsealed. He then uses his chain to break a giant hanging chain in mid-air, which falls into the ocean and floats to the top of the water to seemingly create a path to where he needs to go.

To see the trailer, check out the video below:

DmC is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.