New Unit 13 Guided Walkthrough & Details

Sony has released new details via a Q&A on the PlayStation.Blog about their upcoming shooter title in development at Zipper Interactive for the PlayStation Vita, Unit 13. They’ve also released a new video of a developer-guided walkthrough for the title.

SCEA Producer Ara Demirjian revealed the following details via the Q&A:

  • The game has touch controls for picking up weapons, reloading, vaulting over barriers, completing objectives, accessing the tactical map, and more. The rear touchpad can be used for aiming down the sights.
  • Unit 13 does not have a traditional single-player campaign. Instead, the game has 36 unique missions, which are able to be played independently of each other. All missions will have a wide variety of objectives.
  • Focus for the missions is on scoring component. Player scores will post to leaderboards on PSN and Near. With the 3G Vita model, score data can be uploaded automatically and browse the status bar to see what friends are doing in their games at any time.
  • Unit 13 will have Daily Challenges, which will add one unique mission objective to the game per day. Once the 24-hour time period for the Daily Challenge is up, no one can challenge or post against player leaderboard scores.
  • Each of the six different operatives have different statistics, play strategies, and loadouts. Factors that can vary by operative are ammo capacity, rate of fire, accuracy, health regeneration and more.
  • Operatives can be leveled up ten levels. Bonuses vary by class.
  • Every single mission in the game supports two player co-op. Players can’t run too deeply ahead in levels because missions are broken down by objectives.
  • When a co-op mission has begun, the Vita’s internal microphone automatically turns on. The microphone can be turned off, though.
  • Co-op is only available via Wi-Fi. 3G is strictly for stat sharing and the game’s social components.

Creative Director Seth Luisi also provided gamers with a rundown of the system’s functionality in a developer-guided walkthrough. He reveals that:

  • The game has a menu where players can view what they’ve unlocked, characters that they’ve leveled up, and if a friend has passed them on a mission.
  • The High Value Target mission menu reveals the requirements for unlocking each HVT mission.
  • The game has different mission types: Direct Action (multiple objective areas and multiple objectives for each mission), Covert (stealth missions where players can’t be seen or trigger any alarms), and Deadline (time-based missions that task players with completing objectives before time runs out).
  • Weapons can be unlocked in the game and can also be customized. Luisi said that the game has “a lot” to unlock and modify.
  • When selecting a mission, the game will display a number of details (name, type, difficulty) in addition to a friend leaderboard, so players can see where they rank among their friends (as well as regionally and globally). Players can also see their best scores, how many stars that they’ve earned, and see the objectives for each mission.

To see the guided walkthrough, click the video below:

Unit 13 is in development for PlayStation Vita and will be released around the system’s launch. The system releases in North America and Europe on February 22nd, 2012.