Salvaging a Disc From a YLOD PS3

As the PS3 has passed its 5th year, a number of people have had the misfortune of having to lay to rest their system in an untimely manner. Somberly staring at that yellow light, trying to hit the eject button in hopes to free your new game or movie from its black and silver coffin, you realize that the yellow demon has not only taken your system, but stolen your disc as well. The demon known as the yellow light of death, or YLOD leaves you with a problem that most people never think of. “How do I get my disc out of console that wont turn on?”  Well, luckily for you, Sony has included a feature that will cause a YLOD PS3 to eject a disc. Depending on which style of PS3 you own the method may differ as follows.

NOTE: These instructions are only to be used on a PS3 that will not turn on and has been deemed unusable. Usage of these tips on a working PS3 may damage your console.

Original PS3

(Update: As some users have pointed out, the trick doesn’t work on all 60GB/20GB PS3s and seems to be rather hit-and-miss)

Step 1: Flip the main switch on the back of the PS3 into the OFF position.

Step 2: Press and hold the eject button located on the front of the PS3.

Step 3: While continuing to hold the eject button, flip the main switch to the ON position.

Step 4: This should cause your ps3 to turn on creating a good amount of noise, but shortly after the disc should eject.

Slim PS3

Step 1: Turn off your PS3 and unplug it.

Step 2: Carefully move the PS3 so that you can access the bottom of it.

Step 3: On the bottom of the PS3 next to the warranty sticker you should see a compartment that can be easily opened using your fingernail.

Step 4: This step you will need to remove the cover of the compartment, to do this you must carefully pull directly up on the swivel till it pops out.

Step 5: Insert a tiny Phillips screwdriver into the hole that the swivel cover was removed from.

Step 6: Turn the Phillips screwdriver counter-clockwise (unscrew), you should hear clicking sounds with each turn till the disc ejects.

If you need to set-up a Service Request through Sony go here.

We here at PSLS have had our own fair share of consoles depart on us (sorry Seb), and understand the hardships that come with the loss of not only your high-tech toy but a friend who has possibly seen you through some trying times. Luckily, our forum is filled to the brim with tips and fixes on how to get your PS3 back on its feet.