Sony’s Poorly Received Online Pass System Spreads to PlayStation Vita

Sony initiated a new method to combat the sale of used games this year by implementing “Online Pass” for its first and second-party games. It started off with Resistance 3 and continued in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, leaving second-hand buyers unhappy. Sony stated that the online pass is here to stay. With the recent release of a new Sony handheld, PS Vita, many didn’t think that the concept could possibly make the jump. However, if the release of Hot Shot Golf Vita is to set the precedence for the future, online pass is indeed coming to PS Vita titles.

Destructoid posted their discovery of an online pass code inside of a Hot Shots Golf Vita case. They also posted a screenshot of the PSN store selling the online pass code (priced at 900 yen in Japan). The good news is that similarly to a digital version of games sold on the PSN store, it will also include the online pass.

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