Watch The PS Vita Run Genesis Games Via Homebrew Emulator

The homebrew scene for PlayStation Vita is still in its infancy but some progress has already been made. Homebrew developers have found exploits in the system’s PSP emulator and have been able to run unsigned code through these exploits. Although this means that the Genesis emulator is an essentially an emulator within an emulator there seems to be no performance issues aside from out of sync audio.

Sony will likely issue a firmware patch for the holes in the PSP emulator prior the system’s North American & European February launch. Sony has been fast to act when it comes to exploits in recent months, especially when it comes to the PlayStation 3. Emulators were among the first homebrew applications developed for the PlayStation Portable back in 2005.


As soon as there’s more information about future PS Vita firmware upgrades we’ll be sure to let you know.