Disaster Report Creator Working On PS3/Vita Title

The creator of the Disaster Report franchise has begun work on a new series according to his official twitter account. The game is a downloadable title aimed at both the PS Vita and PlayStation 3, Kazuma Kujo confirmed.

The Disaster Report franchise centers around surviving large scale disasters. In the first game, released on the PlayStation 2, players assumed the role of a Journalist attending the opening of the world’s largest man made island. As things are ought to do, the island literally begins falling apart around him. The Disaster Report games are just as much about managing your hit points and hydration as they are above avoiding obstacles.

The last game in the franchise, Disaster Report 4, was in development when the 2011 Japanese earthquake devastated the nation, and led to one of the worst tsunamis in recent memory. The game would have charged players with the task of rescuing survivors from collapsing buildings, but publisher Irem announced the game would be canceled due to the obvious similarities with the disaster. Late last year, Kujo left Irem and clarified that the game had also been canceled because it was behind schedule.

Hopefully we will hear more about Kazuma Kujo’s new project later this year.

[Source: Twitter]