Netflix App Launches in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Popular video streaming service Netflix has finally launched in the UK and Ireland over the weekend. UK PlayStation 3 owners will be able enjoy the same movie and television show streaming service that’s been in North America for years, as Netflix prepares to take on LoveFilm.

Today we’re bringing Netflix to the UK and Ireland. Netflix is available now, and anyone can get a one month free trial: click-to-watch TV programmes and films streamed instantly over the Internet to your smart TV, game console, computer, tablet, or mobile device. After the free trial, it costs just £5.99 or €6.99.

The available content varies by region due to local copyright laws and agreements. Subscribers in the UK and Ireland can enjoy television series like Arrested Development, Prison Break and Hollywood movies from the likes of Dimension Films and Paramount. This initial offer pales in comparison to the expansive Netflix catalog available in the United States, where high definition instant streaming launched in 2008.

Netflix’s European pricing is currently set at £5.99 or or €6.99 for unlimited streaming. If you’d like to check out the Netflix PlayStation 3 app it can be downloaded for free through the PlayStation Store.

[Source: Netflix Blog]