Unit 13 North American Box Art and Covert Mission Details Revealed

January 12, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Zipper Interactive has revealed the North American box art for PlayStation Vita shooter Unit 13 and has also shown the first detailed walkthrough of one of the game’s Covert Missions.

First, Zipper revealed the box art for Unit 13 (below the video in this post), which shows that the game requires 8MB of Memory Card space.

Next, they showed a walkthrough of a Covert Mission for the game given by Zipper Interactive Game Director Seth Luisi. Luisi, after discussing the game’s notification features, selects covert specialist character Ringo and says that he can be leveled up to gain new equipment and scoring bonuses. Despite the fact that Ringo is a covert specialist, many of his unlocks, such as a suppressor, can be used by the rest of the team once players get through a certain level. Also, Luisi mentions that any operative can be used to play through a Covert Mission — not just a stealth operative — and that they could be leveled up and unlock the suppressor as well.

Covert Missions have a Metal Gear-style mini-map, which shows the layout an area, your position, and the position of enemies. Enemies have a curiosity state, in which they’ll look around if they didn’t quite see you. If spotted, enemies will get an exclamation point above their heads. Players will have a limited amount of time to eliminate enemies with the exclamation point before they sound an alarm (at which point, the mission will basically be over). He also mentions Ringo that has a larger knife and some stealth attacks that can take down two enemies at once.

Once the enemies that have to be taken out have been eliminated by the player, the player must proceed to an extraction point without triggering any alarms. The extraction point is marked, but players must avoid being seen by the enemy or take down enemies quickly. Luisi mentions that players must also be mindful during covert missions not to trigger camera or sensor detection, because detection will trigger an alarm. After the mission is over, players are awarded scores, and covert missions reward players with better scores for maintaining stealth. Players will be able to see how their friends did and try to beat their scores as well.

To see the Covert Mission Walkthrough, click on the video below:

To see the game’s North American box art, see the image below:

Unit 13 releases for PlayStation Vita on March 6th.