New Silent Hill: Downpour Screens Will Drench You With Fear

January 14, 2012Written by Josh Fernandes

You know how it goes. You’re cruising along, enjoying the scenery, and then you make a wrong turn and end up in Silent Hill and have the town psychoanalyze you. With this town not being very friendly towards tourists, the franchise’s many different protagonists always find it much harder to leave the town than to find it. The next installment of the Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hill: Downpour, follows the story of a prisoner being transported in an armored van who gets stranded in Silent Hill after the van crashes off the side of the road. It turns out this game will have some elements familiar to fans of the series, but some totally new environments.

Check out the screens below and let us know if you are sufficiently creeped out.

Silent Hill: Downpour takes place in an all new area of Silent Hill, specifically the southeastern section of the town. Konami release some screenshots to show off some of the environments of the new section of the town. The screens show off some of the more familiar environments, such as residential sections and deserted city streets. Of course, the fog hangs heavy in Silent Hill and visibility is extremely limited. The screens also show off the exterior of an abandoned mine. So, Silent Hill: Downpour may have the player navigate the claustrophobic corridors of an underground mine. As if Silent Hill environments weren’t horrifying enough. Silent Hill: Downpour may also investigate the original mining disaster that destroyed the town of Silent Hill.