Command Dreadnoughts in Space Marine’s Second DLC Pack On January 25

January 20, 2012Written by Tony Wibowo

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is considered one of the sleeper hits of last year. The game struck a good middle-ground between hack-and-slash and third-person shooting. It received its first DLC add-on back in October, which added survival-based co-op to the game. If you are craving for more Space Marine, THQ will quench your thirst next week when the second DLC pack, dubbed Dreadnought, hits the PlayStation Store.

Dreadnought will add a new mode for multiplayer, Dreadnought Assault, which requires players to take control of  specific locations on a map. The mode then rewards them with a player-controlled Dreadnought armed with Assault Cannon/Auto Cannon, a Meltagun and a Power Fist/Power Claw.

Relic Vice President of Global Brand Management Jim Huntley provided the following comment regarding the upcoming DLC:

Fans of Space Marine have been asking for vehicles for a while so we are delighted to be bringing the iconic Dreadnought and Chaos Dreadnought to consoles for the first time in this DLC content

The pack will also include three new multiplayer maps — Dome Mechanicus, Desolation and Chem Refinery — as well as new trophies. Relic is not done there, though. It will give all players, regardless whether they purchase the DLC or not, a new multiplayer mode, Capture and Control Mode, for no extra cost.

Unlike the first DLC pack, this one will not be free, instead it will set you back $9.99 when it releases on January 25.