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Dragon’s Dogma Gets Resident Evil 6 Demo; PS3 Owners Get To Wait

January 31, 2012Written by Anthony Severino

Capcom has revealed that their upcoming title, Dragon’s Dogma, will feature a voucher code to redeem a playable demo of the freshly announced Resident Evil 6. This should be great news for all, but there’s a catch…

Purchasers of Dragon’s Dogma for the Xbox 360, will get exclusive first-access to the Resident Evil 6 demo starting on July 3rd, a full 60 days earlier than PlayStation 3 owners, who are stuck waiting until September 4th.

This must be the yin to the PlayStation 3 and Vita’s exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken character yang. Although, I’m sure that if given the choice, most of you would prefer early access to Resident Evil 6 over the pot-bellied old-school Mega Man and Pac Man.

Dragon’s Dogma releases on May 22nd in North America and May 25th in Europe.