Twisted Metal Demo Contents & New Gameplay Details Revealed

Today, gamers will get the opportunity to sample the car combat carnage of Twisted Metal via a demo for PS3 on PSN. Executive Producer Chad Cox has revealed the contents of that demo and some gameplay details about the full game as well.

The demo being released is a multiplayer demo that offers: eight different vehicles to choose from with their own unique special weapons, free-for-all Deathmatch and the team-based Nuke mode (a Twisted Metal version of Capture The Flag), in addition to Challenge Mode (where players can practice with each vehicle).

As for full game details:

  • Twisted Metal features both party and clan system support.
  • Splitscreen local co-op is in. The game has co-op campaign support, but whether it’s a separate mode or if the regular campaign mode has co-op support is unclear. Splitscreen co-op is also supported for 2-4 players on the same television screen for free for all and team games, which have lots of host options for tweaking and adjustments. 2 players can choose from over 30 levels to play co-op on, whereas 3-4 players have 10 levels to choose from.
  • Pedestrians have gameplay relevance. For instance, in Black Rock Stadium, players can park their vehicles on pressure plates. If left there long enough, someone in the level’s audience gets ejected from the stands. The audience member is either wearing a vest with a cross or a question mark on it. Audience members wearing crosses give health, whereas members wearing a question mark give a random weapon pick up.
  • Also, if you kill an enemy, the driver and gunner eject from the explosion and their burning bodies run around for a few seconds before they die. If players can take out the driver, they get a little extra health. If players can take out the gunner, they get a random weapon.
  • All of the human characters that made it into Twisted Metal are favorites of the team. Besides Sweet Tooth, the team also likes Calypso, Mr. Grimm, Dollface, and Preacher. They also “tend to dig” No Face and Minion. However, they do say that they miss Thumper, Pit Viper, Yellow Jacket, Twisted, and Mr. Slam.

Twisted Metal brings car combat to PS3 on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

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