Insomniac Games Files Video Game Trademark For “Outernauts”

Resistance and Ratchet & Clank studio Insomniac Games has filed a trademark for a video game called “Outernauts” at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

NeoGAF member Kifimbo spotted the filing for Outernauts by Insomniac at the USPTO site, which specifically is described under the Goods & Service section as being for “video game software” and “entertainment services, namely, providing online video games.” Kifimbo also discovered that Insomniac has filed for domain registrations for and

Insomniac released FPS Resistance 3 and platformer Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One exclusively on PS3 last year. They are currently working on Overstrike — the studio’s first multiplatform home console video game release — with EA Partners for both PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as a Facebook game. They’ve made no announcements about any other projects currently in development, but they won’t be working on any more Resistance games.

If there are any updates on the situation, PSLS will keep you posted.

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