BioWare: No More Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Editions in Time for Launch

If you haven’t already got your pre-order in for the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3 and are hoping to score a copy, you may be out of luck, as BioWare has confirmed that no more copies of this special edition can be made in time for the game’s release.

On the developer’s forums, BioWare’s Chris Priestly warned gamers that more of the physical items in the Collector’s Edition can’t be manufactured in time for the game’s release this March.

Sorry, there simply cannot be any more physical CEs made before launch. The items included in the physical edition cannot be made in time for launch. Sorry, it will not happen. This is why, back in November, I started warning people that the CE would run out.

There still may be hope for some of you, as UK GAME retailers are still listing Collector’s Editions of the PS3 and PC versions as “in stock”, and US retailer Target still has copies.

Look for Mass Effect 3 in stores on March 6th in North America and March 9th in Europe.