Amazon Canada Shipping Pre-Ordered PlayStation Vitas Now

Gamers who pre-ordered PlayStation Vitas from have claimed that they’ve received emails saying that their Vita pre-orders have shipped.

Users on NeoGAF (posts can be read here, here, and here) claim that they’ve received emails from,’s Canadian branch, saying that their Vita pre-orders have shipped.

The Vitas being shipped to gamers who preordered appear to only be the Wi-Fi only Vitas, according to a user on the board (whose post can be read here).

Former staff member and Area 5 co-founder Ryan O’Donnell seemed to confirm the reports on Twitter: did break street date and Vitas have appeared on Canadian doorsteps. Yep, it happened. #NeoGAF

The PlayStation Vita’s release date is February 15th for First Edition Bundle pre-orderers, whereas the standard Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models are scheduled to release on February 22nd.

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