Addmired CEO Speaks to the High Price of Console Games, Serves to Fuel Free-to-Play Market

As technology continues to advance, so does the demand for bigger budget games, and along with that comes a higher price point. The CEO of mobile developer Addmired discussed this trend, pointing out its ability to fuel the free-to-play market.

Speaking to an audience at DICE, Addmired’s Gabriel Leydon shared his thoughts on the future of gaming and the natural drift toward free-to-play.

It removes the risk from the consumer. The consumer pays nothing to try out the game. I want the consumer to play for months without paying. Good free to play encourages players to stay and that’s where the longevity is, because the risk of an online pass, consoles that can’t play used games, DLC and all this stuff, after I’ve paid $70; why would do I do that? I can play lots of great games that are free.

Mobile is the home of free-to-play and that’s the next big model for video games. The real problem [for consoles] is price fixing. Consoles set expectations for prices for thirty years.

Mobile gaming and free-to-play in particular has grown exponentially over the past few years, and while there is plenty of validity to Leydon’s comments, consoles aren’t going anywhere. What we’ll likely see instead is a redefinition of the console experience that caters to a wide spectrum of price ranges including free-to-play.