Play as Mega Man… Sort of, with the UMVC3 Weapon Expert Costume Pack

Earlier this week, Capcom released the Weapon Expert Costume Pack for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, treating gamers to a handful of new character skins, including Zero outfitted in the classic Mega Man X costume.

Additionally, gamers will get to play as Devil May Cry’s Trish sporting a completely new look. With this new pack, she’ll look like Gloria from the fourth installment in the series. Hawkeye will be receiving a new look as well, with a playable version of his alternate identity Ronin. Finally, an nontraditional take on Taskmaster by Udon Entertainment has joined the collection of new costumes.

While a new costume for Zero certainly won’t fill the massive Mega Man-sized void, it’s undoubtedly the next best thing. Check out the new look for the character in the image below.

The pack is available now for download via Xbox Live and PSN for the affordable price of $3.99.