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Quantic Dream’s Co-CEO Confirms Studio Considering Relocation To Canada

Yesterday, reports emerged that Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere had said that the studio would consider relocation to Canada if France was unable to continue its exemption from EU laws that would enable it to offer tax breaks at the state level. de Fondaumiere has since confirmed that his studio is considering the relocation.

de Fondaumiere told that the French tax breaks had “a very positive impact” on Quantic Dream. The tax relief enabled them to attract French and international talent from all over the world, in addition to being able to offer competitive salaries with top studios “located in particular in Montreal” and keep production costs reasonable.

He also cited a recent study that estimated that France has seen a return of €1.70 in taxes and social changes for every €1 of state investment from the tax relief, in addition to hundreds of jobs being created as well.

Finally, de Fondaumiere said the following about relocation:

As Montreal authorities always point out, only the high return on investment of their 37.5 per cent tax break explains why they keep it going since almost 15 years now. The French authorities do understand this and both the Ministries of Culture and Industry absolutely want to keep the measure alive, and even extend it.

A great number of countries are wooing Quantic Dream on a regular basis, and if we can’t benefit from this tax break anymore in France, we would have no choice but relocate certain parts of our business to such a country. This would be very, very sad, but unfortunately unavoidable.

PSLS will keep you posted on any further updates.