God of War IV Outed by Mo-Cap Animator

In the end, there will only be SALES!

God of War IV has been heavily rumored for some time now, and a recent LinkedIn posting by a mo-cap animator only serves to further solidify our suspicions.

According to David Thornfield’s profile on LinkedIn (via VG Arabia), motion capture work is currently being done for God of War IV as well as a new Medal of Honor. As one might expect, Thornfield has since removed the information from his profile, but we managed to track down a cached version of the page and have also included a screen capture of the original post below:

As you can see from the posting, Thornfield is an employee of “House of Moves” and has been working on the game since November 2011. It is also important to note that he is working on both the new Medal of Honor and WWE 13 so it is hard to gauge exactly how far along Kratos’ next adventure actually is.

Sony still has yet to confirm the existence of the game, but it’s fair to assume that if they don’t announce something within the next couple of months, we’ll likely see the big reveal at E3.