CD Projekt Red Unclear On Whether The Witcher 2 Will Arrive On PS3

The Xbox 360 version of critically acclaimed PC RPG The Witcher 2 is coming on April 17th. What about a PS3 version, though?

Eurogamer reports that a PS3 version of The Witcher 2 may or may not be happening. CD Projekt Red had previously said that they’d love to work on a PS3 version of the game and had even said that the Red engine was capable of functioning on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Now, though, CD Projekt Red seems yet to have made a decision on whether or not the game will arrive on Sony’s home console.

CD Projekt Red Managing Director Adam Badowski said that the time necessary to make a PS3 version of the game isn’t necessarily a problem for him, although “time will show” if the team is ready to work on the same game for the third time. He said that the developer is aware that many PS3 fans would probably like to play The Witcher 2 and that they “should always consider such paths.”

Badowski said that strictly theoretically, the PS3 version of The Witcher 2 would take a year to develop, mentioning new content to pass concept submission (a possible allusion to Sony’s request that games previously released on other platforms include new content in the PS3 version, Eurogamer notes) and a new renderer.

Badowski and CD Projekt Red Head of Marketing Michal Platkow-Gilewski said that they are also aware that many gamers would like to play their next games, that they are not a huge developer, and that they have to measure up their capabilities.

Platkow-Gilewski said that if CD Projekt Red had 300 people, bringing The Witcher 2 to PS3 would be a “way easier decision.”

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