EA Releases Syndicate Launch Trailer

EA has released a launch trailer for the Starbreeze FPS reboot of Syndicate.

The trailer begins with a man saying that he had his doubts, but Dart 6 technology looks promising, and that it’s going to revolutionize the chip industry. He then says that Miles Kilo keeps on surprising “us” (Eurocorp). A woman then says that she “never wanted this” and that she tried to use “the technology” to change the syndicates and make them more human, but she was kidding herself. A man says that he has a message for any employee thinking of defecting to the competition: if they’re caught, they’ll be immediately terminated. A woman is shown in handcuffs being escorted away somewhere. Kilo is then shown shooting people in a restaurant or cafeteria-type area in a building. A chip extraction is then shown and a woman says that Dart 6 is Eurocrop proprietary software and that at its core, it was always about control. A man in a black mask and white coat is then shown pushing Kilo backwards and he falls.

The man from the beginning of the trailer asks if Kilo is salvageable, followed by a woman saying that she built the chip Kilo carries, followed by footage of Kilo as a young boy with the man from the beginning of the trailer. The man tells someone to give him to human resources. A woman then says that she can use him any way that she wants to, but so can others. Various gameplay footage is then shown: a man is shot, Kilo is shown using Dart 6 on his enemies, Kilo snapping an enemy’s neck, someone being kicked, and Kilo taking down a dropship with a large weapon. More various shots are shown, including: Kilo diving into a building, Kilo using Dart 6 to make an enemy kill himself, and then the trailer closes with the Syndicate logo and UK/European release date.

To view the launch trailer, click on the video below:

Syndicate will be released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on February 21st.

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