Square Enix Announces FFXIII-2 Outfits & Sazh Katzroy DLC, Releases Screenshots

Square Enix has announced a DLC episode for Final Fantasy XIII-2 starring FFXIII favorite Sazh Kaztroy, in addition to DLC that adds new outfits for the game’s main characters, Serah and Noel.

The DLC episode starring Sazh is called Sazh: Heads Or Tails? and will be available on February 28th for PSN ($4.99) and Xbox Live (400 Microsoft Points). Players will control Sazh in a story that runs parallel to the main game’s story. The DLC includes two new card games, Chronobind and Serendipity Poker, which will be available in the game’s Serendipity casino area. When the quest has been completed, players will have the option of letting Sazh join their party.

Also, on February 28th, new outfit DLC for both Serah and Noel will be made available on PSN ($2.99) and Xbox Live (240 Microsoft Points). Serah gets a bikini-like Beachwear outfit, whereas Noel gets a new “Guardian” outfit. Players can access the outfits via the game’s main menu at any point in the game.

To see screenshots of the DLC, click on the Media Gallery below:

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