EA Contest Sends Mass Effect 3….To Space!

In a contest of intergalactic (possibly even planetary planetary intergalactic) proportions, Electronic Arts will be sending copies of Mass Effect 3 into space using weather balloons. The balloons will be released from New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London and Paris. Each one will be tagged with a GPS device, and intrepid fans can track where they land in order obtain copies of the game as much as a week in advance of the release date. So how can you track down a copy of these very identifiable flying objects?

Interested parties can track the copies as they come back to the ground via masseffect.com, as well as by following @MassEffect on Twitter. Mass Effect 3 will make first contact with store shelves March 6, 2012. In a gesture of love, BioWare released a demo of the game on Valentine’s Day that is available on PSN. Still, what happens if one of those copies drifts into an ocean or to the top of a mountain? Or worse, what if someone finds a copy for a system other than one they own? Here’s hoping that those copies of the game find their way back home safe and sound. Good luck and godspeed!