thatgamecompany to Expand Online Play with Next Title

While Journey isn’t set to launch on the PlayStation Network until next month, that hasn’t stopped developer thatgamecompany from looking ahead to future projects. It looks like the next major title from the studio will seek to further push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from online play.

According to a job listing on GameJobsDirect, TGC is seeking a Scalability Engineer with experience in crafting a “scalable online service.” The listing description reads:

With our last game, Journey, we began incorporating online interactions into our projects, and we’d like to take it a step further on our next game. But while we’re pretty experienced making games, we’ve never built a full scale online service available to hundreds of thousands of users. We’re looking for someone to help us plan and build our online infrastructure in a way that scales.

Considering how outside the box TGC is as a developer, it’s fair to assume that this new form of online play will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Fortunately, we’ll have Journey to tide us over until they decide to pull back the curtain on what they’re doing next.

Look for Journey on the PlayStation Store on March 13th.