Classic Crime Comes to the PS3 and Vita with Retro City Rampage

If you happen to be a fan of classic open-world crime, we’ve got some exciting news for you, as it has just been announced that Retro City Rampage is officially coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita.

On the PS Blog, game designer Brian Provinciano shared the exciting news, promising fans that this upcoming release will do more than live up to expectations. The game is said to be a fantastic fusion of the old and new, with a wide array of gameplay experiences that apparently will keep gamers busy for countless hours.

It really is a massive game with something for everyone. It boasts a full story mode with over 50 missions, taking place in extensive city with stores, buildings and activities to interact with. For those of you who just want to jump right into the action and rampage the town, there’s also an Arcade Mode. It’s packed with over 30 fast-paced, score-based challenges where you’ll use the 25+ weapons and power-ups available to rack up points. You’ll be able to share replays as you try to dethrone your friends!

Provinciano also discussed the benefits that come with developing for the PS Vita and its gorgeous OLED screen, claiming that “it takes RCR’s colorful art direction to the next level.” Check out the screens below to see for yourself.

RCR was already previously announced for WiiWare and the Xbox Live Arcade so, now PlayStation fans won’t miss out on the action. No word yet on exactly when we can expect to play the game ourselves, so keep it here at PlayStation LifeStyle for future information on Retro City Rampage.