New Wheels of Destruction Trailer Introduces the Heavy Class

Gelid Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming car combat title for the PlayStation Network, Wheels of Destruction.

On the PS Blog, Lead Designer Peter Porai-Koshits released a new trailer for the game, which details its Heavy class. The Heavy in Wheels of Destruction is a large-sized vehicle with “armor to spare” that plows through enemies and fires at them with its turret.

Previously, Gelid Games had released a trailer detailing the Scout class. The Scout is a speed-based class capable of driving fast, switching weapons on a dime, and is very useful when it comes to flag capturing.

Porai-Koshits says that in Wheels of Destruction, players will be able to change classes on the fly. He also says that information on a more tactical class of vehicle is coming soon.

To view the “Heavy” trailer, click on the video below:

To view the “Scout” trailer, click on the video below:

Wheels of Destruction is “coming soon” to PSN for PS3.

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