Medal of Honor: Warfighter Details Revealed, Co-op Confirmed

Late last week, Electronic Arts pulled back the curtain on the next entry in the Medal of Honor franchise. Subtitled Warfighter, the game has been confirmed to run on the same gorgeous engine that powered Battlefield 3, Frostbite 2.0. New details have emerged, including the fact that the game will include co-operative play as well as well as a one shot kill mode.

According to the latest issue of OXM, the game aims to provide a truly authentic look at war. As such, Warfighter will be loosely based off of the events from real soldiers, and the plot will be constructed by Tier 1 operators during mission downtime. Developer Danger Close has explained that they aim to create a game that focuses on “authenticity” over “simulation.”

The game will also provide a much broader scope by exploring the stories of the SAS, Australian SASR, German KSK and Polish Grom. Additionally, some of the characters from the original Medal of Honor will be back, including Preacher, Voodoo and Mother.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is set to launch this October.