Capcom Announces Dragon’s Dogma Demo Will Come To PSN & Xbox Live

Want to try Dragon’s Dogma before purchasing Capcom’s upcoming Action-RPG? Thanks to a demo, gamers will be able to.

Players will have a party of three Pawns and experience the different styles of two of the game’s character classes in two different enemy encounters. The first class is the Fighter, a character with a specialty in melee attacks and counterattacks, who will fight in underground tunnels before fighting the Chimera in a quest set before the events of the game. The second class is the “swift and nimble” Strider, who uses a bow and daggers. The Strider will fight the Griffin in the open plains surrounding the capital of Gransys.

Players will be able to use the game’s character creation tools prior to the Griffin battle to design their character and main Pawn. They’ll be able to export these designs into the full version of Dragon’s Dogma when the game releases.

No date or time frame for the demo was given, other than “ahead of the game’s release.”

Dragon’s Dogma will release for PS3 & Xbox 360 on May 22nd in North America. The game releases on May 25th in Europe.

Will you be downloading the demo for the game or buying Dragon’s Dogma? Let us know in the comments below!