Facebook App Fully Functional, Back on Vita’s PlayStation Store

Last week you may recall that the PlayStation Vita’s Facebook application was removed from the PlayStation Store following reports that the service was not working for a large portion of users. Fortunately, Sony and Facebook have managed to remedy the issue in a timely fashion and bring it back online for users to download.

Joystiq reported the news earlier today, confirming that the content is now available via the PlayStation Vita’s online store, so if you’ve been dying to do some social networking on your shiny new handheld, hop on and download away.

On PlayStation’s official Twitter account, a recent tweet assures gamers that all initial issues with the service have been resolved.

Facebook service for the PS Vita has been completely restored, and the Facebook app is now available for (free) download on the PS Store.

Let us know what you think of Sony’s handheld thus far – particularly in regard to its feature set and lineup of applications – in the comments below.