GAME Responsible for Nearly Half of All Vita Launch Sales in UK

While GAME has been going through some tough times as a business, it hasn’t stopped them from selling boatloads of PlayStation Vitas.

According to a report from MCV, GAME is responsible for almost half of all PS Vita sales during the platform’s launch in the UK.

A publisher exec who wished to remain anonymous spoke to the future of the UK video game retailer, saying:

As much as the world wants to bash GAME at the moment, you can’t escape the fact that if you’re launching new hardware or a big game there’s no better launch partner than GAME.

Obviously its position is threatened by not carrying some new games, and with every new release they miss the problem gets worse. But if Microsoft or Sony announced a new machine tomorrow or Nintendo surprised us with an early Wii U release they’d be mad not do whatever it took to get GAME on board.

Could impressive Vita sales be enough to keep the retail chain afloat? It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see if this spike in sales is enough to give GAME the boost it so desperately needs.

The news also paints a worrying future for the UK games industry if GAME does go bankrupt, as the success of platforms like the Vita is vital to developers.