Ken Levine Discusses Characters in BioShock Infinite, Booker and Elizabeth “Change Each Other in Very Profound Ways”

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who would argue against the fact that the characters of BioShock Infinite are one of the game’s biggest draws. Irrational Games has proven that they can craft interesting and compelling characters with the original BioShock and it looks like they plan to take it to new heights with Infinite.

According to Irrational Games’ Ken Levine, the impact that the two lead characters have on one another will play a major role in the upcoming title. He told Kotaku:

Booker and Elizabeth meet and they’re sort of very much opposites. When Booker encounters Elizabeth and has the experience of being with this person who has not been jaded by the world, not become cynical, that changes him and his opinion of himself.

They change each other in very profound ways. Their experience changes them in very profound ways.

Levine went on to speak to the character of Elizabeth specifically, saying:

I just want you to have some sense of ‘I get what she’s going through’. I think her story, the story of someone who’s locked up for her childhood and sort of gets out, and is free, and able to control her own destiny, is an interesting, very universal story.

Of course it’s set in this crazy world with all these crazy powers, and she’s got insane powers, so it’s heightened. But I think—like all great sci-fi stories or fantasy stories—it’s rooted in something very real.

BioShock Infinite is scheduled to launch on October 16th.