EA & DICE Announce Three Battlefield 3 DLC Packs To Be Released This Year

EA and DICE’s visually stunning FPS, Battlefield 3, will be receiving three downloadable content packs before the end of the year.

EA and DICE have announced three DLC packs that are currently scheduled to be arriving for BF3 in 2012.

The first content pack is called Close Quarters and features four new maps and ten new weapons. The infantry maps, though, are all inside buildings. Close Quarters will be released in June. PS3 version owners will receive the pack one week early.

The next DLC pack for the game is called Armored Kill. The pack features the largest map that the BF3 team has ever designed and also includes unspecified new vehicles. Armored Kill arrives this fall.

The final DLC pack is called End Game. No details are available for the pack at this time. It is scheduled to be released this winter.

PS3 and Xbox 360 version owners will also receive access to the PC version’s “rent-a-server” feature as well, which will enable console gamers to play customized matches with one another.

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