Gotham City: Impostors Gets New Patch v1.1, New Map, PS3 Timed Exclusive Challenges

Since its release in February, Gotham City: Impostors has amassed a small but vibrant community of gamers who love to dress up as Batman or the Joker and shoot it out in Gotham online. To fix some glitches in the game, and add a few new things a patch was released for 360 and PC. Now, the patch has come to PS3, with a few extra goodies.

DLC patch 1.1 is now available on the PS3, and includes:

Patch 1.1 (DLC 1)

  • Added 25th Floor map
  • Added The Falcon Blade and Kingmaker weapons
  • Added the Nimble Fingers Fun Fact
  • Added the Toxic Gas Support Item
  • Added many new costume choices
  • Improved matchmaking (Join-in-progress functionality, dedicated server improvements, lag improvements, stability improvements)
  • Improved hit-detection

New Community Challenges

  • Exclusive to the PS3 this weekend

According to our tipster, the file is named Gotham City Imposters (Trail Version) despite being for the full game, so don’t worry if you see that.


Now that the Bat-Signal is up, it’s time to see what your made of. Let us know below what you think of the newly released map, and if there are still some bugs you still want addressed. Remember, nothing will get fixed if you don’t spread the word.

[Thanks LordVesra]