Irrational Reveals Another BioShock Infinite Heavy Hitter, Handyman

Irrational Games has just revealed the second member of BioShock Infinite’s cast of Heavy Hitters. Described as being one of Infinite’s more uncanny foes, Handyman sports porcelain hands and possesses a wide array of threatening abilities.

As you’ll see in the video below, you will encounter a number of these enemies throughout the game. Each Handyman you face will have the ability to leap great distances and move with an incredible sense of speed and agility, allowing them to often times catch the player by surprise.

The Handyman’s massive hands also allow him to hurl just about anything in your direction, so other nearby NPCs will express their own level of fear upon his arrival. Levine went on to hint that there is an interesting story element that explains why these creatures have become the mechanical monstrosities they are. Fortunately, he didn’t get into any specifics, leaving all of the major surprises for the final game.

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