Danger Close Emphasizing Authenticity in MOH: Warfighter

A new Medal of Honor is set to launch later this year, and developer Danger Close is doing everything they can to make the experience feel as authentic as possible.

Speaking to CVG in a recent interview, producer Rich Farrelly went so far as to say that the game’s authentic feel is hands down the most important aspect of the game.

That’s everything for us. I think that’s what separates Medal of Honor apart from the other guys.

We take it very seriously. Without that, an interesting setting and story… we’re a floating gun in a world. At least that’s how we view it. It’s really important for us – that’s Medal of Honor’s identity. Respecting the soldiers and telling the story from their point of view.

While the game’s first official trailer doesn’t necessarily convey that sense of authenticity – it looks an awful lot like Battlefield 3 to me – the team still has several months to really shape the game’s identity before its October release.