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Tim Schafer Discusses Possibility Of Funding Psychonauts 2 On Kickstarter, Notch Funding Update

March 16, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer has discussed the possibility of Psychonauts 2 being funded on Kickstarter in a recent interview. Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has also provided an update on his offer to fund the game.

In an interview conducted by Eurogamer, Tim Schafer was asked if Psychonauts 2 could be funded via Kickstarter. He gave the following response:

If we figure out a way to do it on Kickstarter that does take a lot of the risk because people are paying for it in advance in a crazy way. You still have a chance of not making money on it but you’ve already funded it and it’s a lot less worrisome than shoving over all your chips and then crossing your fingers.

It’s a possibility, but I see that game as being a really big budget. Bigger than the $2.5 million [which has eventually topped out at $3.3 million] we got from Kickstarter this time, which was an amazing number for Kickstarter.

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson was also asked about his offer to fund Psychonauts 2 in the interview. He said:

We spoke and basically Tim said that they were busy with the adventure game they’re making.

I said that when I made the initial offer I didn’t realize exactly how much money is needed, so we’d probably have to be like super-serious and have real Excel spread sheets and stuff like that.

But we discussed a few alternative models that might be possible to do. Nothing concrete is happening though, we didn’t really get anywhere.

I think Psychonauts 2 would definitely sell, so it would be a sound investment.

If Psychonauts 2 was being funded via Kickstarter, would you contribute? Let us know in the comments below.