EA Shutting Down Servers, Some of Which Include Online Passes

Electronic Arts has announced that they are shutting down servers for a handful of their games including some of which that require an online pass.

After April 13th, the following titles will no longer have online functionality: Burnout Revenge, FIFA 10, The Godfather II, MMA, Need for Speed ProStreet and The Saboteur. This is particularly alarming when considering the fact that those who purchased a used copy of EA’s MMA (which launched less than two years ago) had to pay extra to get the online pass.

To be fair to the publisher, customers must agree to these policies in the license agreement that comes with redeeming online passes. While this totally sucks for those who just recently purchased one of these games hoping to play online with their friends, it’s important to remember that EA is in the business of making money, and paying for servers with virtually non-existent online communities just isn’t economically viable, even if gamers shell out for an online pass.

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