Epic Talks Unreal Engine 3 and Next-Gen Launch Titles, “UE3 Would Probably be the Way to Go”

While the fourth iteration of the Unreal Engine is allegedly pretty amazing, Epic’s Mark Rein believes that developers would be better off sticking with UE3 for next-gen launch titles.

Speaking to CVG, the Epic VP emphasized that while Unreal Engine 4 blows the tech found in UE3 out of the water, there’s still a lot that can be done with the older engine.

I think if you were going to do a launch title for a future console, UE3 would probably be the way to go.

And likewise if you were going to do something cross-generational, like Mortal Kombat on PS Vita, Xbox, PS3 and potentially it could be on iPad… that’s Unreal. Unreal spans the gamut, it goes from the smallest smartphone platforms up to the highest spec PC you can build and beyond.

The UE4 stuff is very futuristic. UE3 is really the horse for this year.

It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what direction development studios plan go as the next generation of gaming hardware draws ever close.