New PlayStation Teaser Site Hinting at Something Uncharted Related? [Update]

[Update] A trailer has also been found, added to the bottom of article.

[Original Story] A teaser image has popped up on PlayStation Norway’s Facebook page, accompanied by a mysterious teaser site. Could this be related to Uncharted? And if it is, what the hell is it?

The above image of Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen was posted on PlayStation Norway’s Facebook wall, with a link to a teaser site showing a map and a date, March 22nd. And while the teaser site never explicitly mentions anything about Uncharted, the date is in the Uncharted font, the word Uutforsket roughly translates to “unexplored”, a synonym of “uncharted”.

What is odd here is why PlayStation Norway would be revealing whatever this is and not SCEA, but this could be due to Nansen’s connection with Norway, and whatever the content may end up being.

Since there is no information, we’re only left to speculate. Could this be an expansion to Uncharted 3 or Uncharted: Golden Abyss? A whole new game? No matter what it ends up being, we’re pumped to see what it is tomorrow.

Frognerparken from Uutforsket No on Vimeo.