Starhawk To Support Split-Screen Head-To-Head & Co-Op Multiplayer, Dual PSN Log-In

Sony has revealed that upcoming action title Starhawk will see the return of a classic feature from multiplayer games of the past: split-screen multiplayer.

On the PS Blog, SCEA Senior Producer Harvard Bonin revealed that Starhawk will not only have head-to-head split-screen multiplayer, but co-op split-screen multiplayer as well. Both modes support two players only.

Also, gamers visiting a friend’s house won’t have to worry about losing their progress, as thanks to dual PSN log-in, Player Two will be able to retain all of the experience earned during co-op sessions by signing into their friend’s machine. He/she will be able to then apply the experience to the character when he/she gets home. The visiting player won’t be able to earn Trophies, decals, outfits, or paint jobs, as those are saved directly to the PS3. Split-screen co-op can be played offline as well, but no stats will be recorded.

To view the images released of the split-screen mode, in addition to two images of main character Emmett Graves, click on the Media Gallery below:

Starhawk releases exclusively for PS3 on May 8th.

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