Team Ninja Remedies Issues Tied to Ninja Gaiden 3’s Online Pass

Tecmo’s third installment in the Ninja Gaiden franchise launched yesterday, but fans eager to hop online with their friends weren’t able to do so because of issues in redeeming the required online pass. Fortunately, it looks like Team Ninja has solved the problem through a fix that goes live today.

While the issue has now been remedied, these problems only serve to strengthen the gaming community’s animosity towards online passes. Granted, the bulk of the Ninja Gaiden experience lies in its single player, but it is still no excuse for players to have to wait to enjoy all of the content that is promised to them on the back of the box.

As such, it’s obvious that publishers and developers still have a long way to go in evolving the way they approach combating used game sales. Sound off in the comments below to let us know what you think of the Ninja Gaiden 3 online pass debacle.