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EA Believes UK Retailer GAME Can “Be a Phoenix Rising” With a New Approach

Major game publisher Electronic Arts recently spoke to the state of UK’s failing retail chain GAME and the potential for the company to rise out of this mess stronger and better than ever.

EA UK boss Keith Ramsdale offered up the encouraging words, saying that if GAME truly wants to rise out of its ashes, they’ve got to have a different and revitalized approach.

I do hope and believe there will be a phoenix rising from the flames. GAME is full of good people, it’s a good store, I just think they need a different approach and I’ll think they’ll have one.

GAME is one retailer out of many, albeit historically a very good retailer. Without talking numbers I can tell you that when we shipped Mass Effect and FIFA Street we were very pleased with our numbers in the UK and GAME were unable to buy them.

There’s no doubt that the failing retailer has an uphill battle to climb now that the chain is in administration, but there is still a chance that someone could try to buyout the company