New Ghost Recon Future Soldier Trailer Is All About Co-Op Action, Signature Edition Revealed

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Ghost Recon Future Soldier that shows the game’s co-op in action.

Ubisoft’s new trailer for GRFS that shows the guys from Mega 64 taking on some of the game’s missions in co-op multiplayer. The three missions they play through are Invisible Bear, Tiger Dust, and Noble Tempest. The trailer says that all twelve of the game’s single player missions can be played in co-op.

A Signature Edition of the game is revealed in the trailer as well. It has two ultimate weapons (MK 14 Rifle for the Ghost Rifleman and the AK-47 Rifle for the Bodark Rifleman), 48 pieces of custom headgear, two custom weapon skins (a Penny Arcade skin featuring Twisp & Catsby and a Winter Digital skin), and an exclusive co-op map (“Moscow Suburb”). The Signature Edition is currently available as a free upgrade with pre-order at GameStop.

Gamers who pre-order at will receive $10 credit and an exclusive co-op map as well, “Drilling Ship.” Drilling Ship takes place on a drilling ship in the Arctic.

To view the “Mega 64 Goes Hands-On With GRFS Co-Op” Trailer, click on the video below:

Ghost Recon Future Soldier will release for PS3 & Xbox 360 on May 22nd, with a PC version coming at a later date.

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