The PlayStation 3 Turns Five in Europe, Sony Celebrates with Cake

It’s a big day for Sony, as the PlayStation 3 officially turns five years-old in Europe, having launched back in March of 2007.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe proudly announced this landmark achievement on the EU PlayStation Blog earlier today, and has celebrated this occasion by crafting a very luxurious PlayStation themed cake. We’ve included a picture below, and man does it look delicious! Just try to refrain from drooling all over your keyboard.

SCEE’s James Gallagher shared some nostalgic words with its loyal European fan base in addition to linking to some noteworthy retrospective features. You can head over here to read all about the “Five ways PS3 changed home entertainment” and here to read up on the “10 of the Best: PS3 games by the PlayStation Community.”

If you have any memories you’d like to share with us and the rest of the PSLS community regarding the past five years you’ve spent with your trusty PlayStation 3, tell us all about them in the comments below.