Naughty Dog Releases Screenshots Of Upcoming Uncharted 3 Map Pack DLC

Naughty Dog has released screenshots for two maps that will be part of an upcoming Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception map pack.

On Naughty Dog’s official Twitter account, the developer released links to screenshots of two maps that will be part of an upcoming map pack for Uncharted 3. The map pack is currently scheduled to release in early April. Whether or not Graveyard and Old Quarter are the only two maps in the pack isn’t specified. No price for the map pack was revealed, either.

To view the screenshots of the upcoming “Graveyard” and “Old Quarter” maps for Uncharted 3, click on the Media Gallery below:

On a side note, Naughty Dog recently said that their DLC support for the game will extend beyond the end of the Fortune Hunter’s Club, which ends in April.

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