Three New PlayStation Home Exclusive Games Announced: Cutthroats, No Man’s Land, & Mercia

Sony has announced three PlayStation Home exclusive games, a new district for PlayStation Home, and new items coming to PlayStation Home as well.

The first game coming to PlayStation Home is Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove. Cutthroats is a free-to-play game that pits six teams of up to four players against each other on pirate ships as they try to sink opposing ships. Players will play as their avatars in assuming the role of captain or gunner and gather loot from sunken ships to spend in the in-game store on power-ups that increase speed, damage, and range. (Players can also buy gold coins from in the in-game store to spend on power-ups as well.) Players will gain XP and unique rewards as they progress through the ranks. The game will release on March 28th.

The second exclusive game coming to Home is No Man’s Land, a freemium model post-apocalyptic third-person shooter from VEEMEE. Squads of up to four players will face off in one of two game modes, Team Deathmatch or Scavengers (teams try to collect salvage and return to their bases while avoiding enemy fire). The game’s default loadout will have premium weapon and armor upgrades that affect rate of fire, player speed, resistance, and more. Additional maps, modes, functionality, and associated content are planned to come in future expansions. The game arrives this spring.

The third game is Mercia from Lockwood Publishing, a Home exclusive multiplayer fantasy RPG. Players will be able to collect, create, and customize a wide variety of weapons, armor, and special powers. Also, players will be able to collect potions and magical items to “harness the elements” and defeat “scores” of enemies. Also, the game manually streams content while playing, leading to zero load times. Although described as free-to-play, PS Home Community Manager Locust_Star said that Mercia‘s business model “has not been finalized yet.” The game releases this summer.

A new area is coming to PlayStation Home called the Adventure District, which consists of a lush jungle island with an ancient temple, sweeping coastal shoreline and a beachfront bar. The district also has cannons for target practice, as it serves as the launch point for Cutthroats. The new district will be available today.

A number of items are coming to PlayStation Home, including pirate-themed clothing for Cutthroats and animals such as a parrot and a monkey as well.  The items will be available today and can be seen in the “Virtual Item Showcase 41” trailer below.

To view the trailer for Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove, click on the video below:

To view the trailer for No Man’s Land, click on the video below:

To view “PlayStation Home Virtual Item Showcase 41,” click on the video below:

To view images of Cutthroats, No Man’s Land, Mercia, and the Adventure District, click on the Media Gallery below:

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[Source: PS Blog]