Free DLC Coming to Touch My Katamari in Japan

Toro and Kuro, Sony’s two beloved cats are headed to the PlayStation Vita thanks to a free DLC pack for Touch My Katamari.

The downloadable content is currently only confirmed for Japan, but may extend its way to western gamers as well. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though, as Toro and Kuro aren’t quite as iconic outside of Japan, making it difficult to justify the localization of this content. Then again, Toro and Kuro fit in amazingly well to Touch My Katamari, which, despite being a very Japanese-centric game, has done quite well with western audiences.

The content will be made available for Vita owners on April 19th, so hopefully we’ll get word on whether or not the dynamic duo will be scurrying to Vitas outside of Japan soon enough.

Are any of you Katamari fans familiar with Toro and Kuro, and if so, would you like to see them in Touch My Katamari? Let us know in the comments below.