Leaked Italian Trailer Indicates New, Earlier Release for Resident Evil 6

Capcom lead us to believe it was coming this November, but it looks like Resident Evil 6 has been rescheduled for an earlier release in October.

According to a trailer for the game that was leaked from a press event in Italy, it looks like Capcom’s big horror game of 2012 will actually be launching an entire month and a half earlier than its initial November 20th release.

Capcom has been very open about the fact that they’re going to continue to make Resident Evil a more action-focused series, so there’s a good possibility they’re pushing up the date to make it out there before the next Call of Duty completely takes over the market in November.

Oh yeah, and the trailer is pretty awesome too. There’s plenty of drama and cinematic action that will have you begging for more. We’ve embedded it below for you to check out.


Look for Resident Evil 6 when it hits retailers on October 2nd.